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HCCI Compression ignition engine design

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About Us – Our company structure

The Company Structure consists of Team Members Management Skill Centre Knowledge base Support Contracted assistance

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Contract Design Services

Varitech Pty. Ltd. Design Services  produces all forms of  Illustrations, sketches, conceptual designs, prototypes, assembly drawings, manufacturing concept drawings, 3D solid modelling and animation  in 2D and 3D  for use in  Contracts, manufacturing quotes, advertising, sales and technical bulletins. Our Prime aim is to include our Technology in all designs   which include  Internal combustion engines, refrigeration compressors, …

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Engineering Developments

All engines that have a piston and a connecting rod and a crankshaft are to be changed with this technology In laymans talk we have pistons going up and down in your car In petrol engines a mixture of petrol and air is compressed by the piston going up At the top of the stroke (TDC) …

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dynamically variable stroke technology

Introduction to applications

Our Inventor’s solution using “Dynamically Variable Stroke Technology” (DVST)   Many Valuable Hours have been spent developing a piston and crank with a stroke that is variable while it is running. Inventors since July 14 1896 – Patent #564085 MM Kingman invented the Windmill attachment  to vary its stroke . Now 114 years later a …

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Reactive Timing Engine

THIS TECHNOLOGY IS NOW AVAILABLE TO ALL WHO WANT TO BE PART OF THIS GREAT DEVELOPMENT SIMPLY CONTACT US FOR THE PURCHASE OF RIGHTS TO PRODUCE AND MARKET IT. Question: It is said “mechanically thinks for itself” – explain. Answer : Compression Ignition engines need their point of ignition to occur at Top Dead Center (TDC) …

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Successful HCCI Design

  HCCI IS NOW POSSIBLE !! Our Design team can now provide design information  of our auto timing module which overcomes all problems with variations of compression ignition position making our #HCCI designs viable call us on  +618 8555 5191,  +618 8555 5958,  mobile +61 409695240 hit this to contact us  

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