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Take one step back and review our progress

I am proposing that the next generation of engine should be the nucleus of a brand new approach, not “doctoring up” the old one.

The basic engine principal was invented and produced around 1900 AD – a very good piece of technology when there was unlimited fuel and the only problem with exhaust was it smelt a bit.

Suddenly pollution, global warming and fossil fuel shortages (“the pollution years”) hit the headlines and rushed engineers into modifications to the basic engine.

Our technology suggests that we get the basic, unimproved engine-block design and simply make it adjust itself to our requirements – that is a new engine-block with variable stroke for each of its pistons. (Our term DVST “Dynamically Variable Stroke Technology”)

With this new starting point the problems of waste caused by engines being a fixed size big enough to go up hills and too big to go down the other side.

During the “pollution years” development of ideas was at its peak. Engineers discovered that if the fuel/air mixture in an IC petrol Engine could be compressed by the piston till it exploded rather than spark ingnition, gave an increase in fuel efficiency of approx 25%. (Their Term HCCI “Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition”)

Using a spark plug to ignite a partially squeezed fuel air/mixture which gave ignition at one point spreading out and not including all of the mixture before the next cycle.

Engineers also discovered that if an air only mixture was squeezed beyond the point that fuel (diesel) exploded and then fuel was injected under high pressure into the engine it also ignited from the injector spreading, as with the IC petrol spark ignition, out and not including all of the mixture before the next cycle.

To vary the amount that the fuel is squeezed DVST is very effective without further additions to the engine.

All fuels need to be squeezed different amounts before they explode.- DVST allows for this when looking at new fuels.

Obviously attempts to achieve DVST are numerous over the last 100years but none have been used for production vehicles because of their complicated unreliable designs.

Our DVST is simply a geometric solution using Hypocyclic gears which were discovered in about 1500AD. No levers , cams or trinkets.

Understandably the motor industry has to adjust to such a simple solution to their biggest problem for 100years.It is said that the simplest solution is the best.

Looking further away from the engine industry.

Pumping oil with a piston pump has always given a predetermined delivery – now with DVST it can give a variable delivery without extra flow control valves. Our technology actual senses  the load on the pump and regulates the delivery itself.

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