What has man done!!

What has man done!!

Many years ago someone invented the wheel for transport!

Prior to that some one invented man and animals with legs for walking snakes with bending bodies for transfer-motion on land, fish with bending bodies for travel I water and birds with wings for flight.

Walking is a efficient and excellent way of moving around a would that is not flat.

Transfer motion is good for soft terrains not hard flat.

Fish swimming in water bending bodies is great.

Flight is running then flapping wings, gently at first, then stronger till reaching a height and then gliding.

Everything was just happening till the wheel.

Man got SMART !!!!!!

He decided that he would not or would not copy any of these except some fishermen  who waved an oar at the back of their boats to propel them.

Rather than translation everything was rotation!!

Things got wheels

Everything that men made that had to travel across the terrain had to have wheels and the surface it travelled on  had to be smooth.

Instead of stopping and looking at the size of the road making problem man then started too deface the earth’s surface with roads tracks airports.

The screw propeller changes water motion.

Flight by flapping wings soon became not possible because they could not start with a gentle small stroke and increase it as required

Fixed stroke and fixed speed engines were soon making wing flapping out of the question. Instead translation was required at speed to fly. Helicopters an exception.

I believe that we should go back to before the wheel  for transport and rethink

One big mistake – the wheel has set man back a long way.

If all the energy wasted making surfaces for wheels to travel on was not done.

I believe that our grand designer must be sitting there wishing we could get our designs back on track.

So with this thought I now start a new mode of transport

It is walking

If a car could walk and run what a saving in infrastructure

So why don’t things walk

Because no one has troubled to design a walking motion.

Rotation of a wheel can be converted to walking motion

So a rotating machine can provide a walking motion

So motors can power walking

With variable stroke technology walking be controllable.

If all vehicles had legs and walked road surfaces would not be needed

Of course some would to really rough places

It planes could run and take off not travel on wheels they could land in many more places but I propose not running to take off I propose jumping and flapping wings like a bird.

History shows that man decided not to try to fly by flapping wings

It was tried and broke mainly because of the lack of control of the stroke

Stroke control is no longer a problem so I believe flapping wings will work

when powered by an engine.

Water propulsion by bending in the middle in a waving motion may be used like fish do and may be are far more efficient way of propulsion.

So with stroke control available waving of an oar at the rear or bending of the ships body could make it swim.

So what comes out of this is

God, whoever he is, where ever he is, designed us and our world in a brilliant way.

He designed us to self perpetuate.

I would like now to see us start reviewing and redesigning everything that has been invented since man started to use wheels.

One can see why the original designs are the best.

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