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The car engine as we know it is one of the most engineered items that man has developed since approx 1900 AD


It comprises of two parts:


  1. The “Top Part” which is everything above the engine block
  2. The “Bottom Part” – the engine block (the forgotten part which is below the top half )


From 1900 AD the engine has need improvement continuously to fit the needs of the people:


  1. Change to 4 cylinder to give more power
  2. Battery spark ignition and starting
  3. Automatic advance and retard of ignition – better economy and power
  4. Multiple carburettors – more power – less economy
  5. Superchargers – more power – less economy
  6. Turbo-chargers – more power – better economy
  7. Polishing and grinding ports – performance
  8. Greater than 4 cylinders – more power – less economy
  9. Overhead valves – more power – better economy
  10. Fuel injection – more power – better economy
  11. Electronic fuel injection – more power – better economy


By this time it was about 1980 AD where it was obvious that Pollution was also a factor!


Attempts to improve this were added:


  1. Exhaust recirculation
  2. Fuel tank breathing
  3. Crankcase ventilation
  4. Catalytic converters
  5. Try using Diesel engines more


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