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Since approx 2005 development has travelled “away to the side” to achieve improvement because variable stroke technology had not yet been invented to practically function for a production vehicle.

New technologies being used to simulate Variable Stroke Technology and HCCI are Variable valve timing, Variable Valve Actuation and variable delivery Turbos applied to petrol and diesel engines as an interim measure until Variable Stroke Technology could be invented and developed.
It can be seen that the development, maintenance and construction is a precision operation hence expensive and sensitive to damage. Improvements in performance are considerable.
Variable Valve Actuation
  Must be applied to dual overhead cam engines meaning single overhead cam engines are not applicable and will have to be phased out.
The valve timing is set to not fill the combustion chamber with intake stroke making the compression ratio vary – the requirement for HCCI.
              The valve timing can be set to reduce pumping losses during deceleration. 
                  To give smoother operation for passenger cars development of the variable delivery turbo has made diesels an option for them.
Factors which are to be noted are:
  1. Miniature adjustable angle vanes rotate at quote speeds up to 100,000 rpm in engine oil pressure fed floating bushes.
  2. Special materials are used to withstand high speeds and temperature.
  3. Dual-stage technology is also being applied to passenger cars.
  4.  Diesel Fuel injectors:
  Many hours and dollars have been spent on development of fuel injectors to deliver fuel in an efficient way to the combustion chamber as quickly as possible. – to create accurate flame timing.
Each injector has a many precision components and there is one for every cylinder. 
Fuel Pumps:
                  A precision machined pump designed to handle pure clean fuel. And deliver it at a high pressure is always required where fuel is injected into the cylinder at the top of the combustion  stroke.
This is I understand it !

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