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Variation in our time!



 It is better to have one item of variable size to cover all requirements than many different sized items.

We may be tempted to use something to do a job that was too big or too small!

Flexibility is the answer! we waste far less  energy, money, natural materials and time.

 The trouble is once an item is produced and sold and we are used to it, improvements in the original design are rarely considered. 

Inefficient changes to items that occur in numbers as large as these mentioned, have catastrophic effects on our World efficiency, pollution and quality of life. 

Look at inventions as they were when they were first released to the public and review the some of the changes made to them to achieve our needs. 

Car engines originally invented had one speed and power output. 

Variations were required to make them useful – people wanted to travel fast or slow, up hills and down slopes at a safe speed. – a throttle was immediately added followed by variable valve timing, reducing active cylinders and variable pressure turbos. 

Note! These were all improvements added without looking at the fundamental problem –  that the physical size of the engine needed to be variable 

Refrigeration originally invented had one speed and power output. 

To save energy the motor driving the compressor was made to change its speed with “inverters” 

Note! Speed control was added (which in itself uses energy in the form of heat) without looking at the fundamental problem that the physical size of the compressor needed to be variable. 

Hydraulic Pumps are part of everyday life – cars, trucks, tractors, earth movers, outboard motors, ships, cranes, lifts, industry and manufacturing. 

                  A (swash plate) special pump has been designed and used universally to achieve variable flow with fixed pressure 

Note! The fundamental problem that the physical size of the compressor needed to be variable was addressed , but a simpler and cheaper alternative is now available 

Each one of these examples illustrated shows that even though the problem was addressed, the efficiency of  the item was affected. 

Each of these items have a crank and connecting rod of fixed travel giving a fixed SIZE. 

Varying the stroke while it is running is the fundamental solution to VARYING SIZE.

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