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Introduction to applications

Our Inventor’s solution using “Dynamically Variable Stroke Technology” (DVST)


Many Valuable Hours have been spent developing a piston and crank with a stroke that is variable while it is running.

Inventors since July 14 1896 – Patent #564085 MM Kingman invented the Windmill attachment  to vary its stroke .

Now 114 years later a practical, simple, high speed, compact device has been invented—” “Dynamically Variable Stroke Technology” (DVST)

Think of the thousands of applications for this Invention.

The way to save 25% of fuel and reduces greenhouse gases. in the Reciprocating Piston industry!!

The Automotive industry has been searching for a variable stroke unit for their latest technology .-HCCI Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition.

Homogeneous Combustion – the mixing of air and fuel prior to entering the combustion chamber at the bottom of the stroke.

Compression Ignition – the compressing of this mixture until it explodes. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homogeneous_charge_compression_ignition)

Our Dynamically variable stroke unit- is of simple design – no cams, levers, rollers etc.- It replaces the crankshaft system in the existing (modified) crankcase.

Applications using “Dynamically Variable Stroke Technology” (DVST) cover a wide area.

A list of some is below:

Prime movers,  trucks, buses, rideon mowers, ships, aircraft, cars, mining trucks, tractors, formula one cars, motor cycles, propeller airplanes, cabin cruisers, choppers, chain saws and power boats.

Advantages include  cheaper, greener operation, reduced greenhouse Gases, reduced NOx , varying of fuel types, more energy efficient approx 25%. 

If any of these machines illustrated are designed or built by your company, “Dynamically Variable Stroke Technology” (DVST) is a modification that should be considered.

Compression Ignition Technology for  internal combustion engines is being developed around the world to improve their efficiency and reduces the effects of greenhouse gases on our planet.


Comments or questions are welcome.

Reference Sites

These are few of the sites used as our references with regard to application of Dynamically Variable stroke technology Wikipedia -Homogeneous Charge compression Ignition definition, analysis, conclusions Report to US congress Homogeneous Charge compression Ignition sandia.gov/combustion-research-facility/engine-combustion/automotive/automotive-hcci-engine-research/ General motors revists HCCI Various attempts at achieving dynamically variable stroke technology Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition, or HCCI Note! Varitech …

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