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Gas Pumps

 Dynamically Variable Stroke Technology” (DVST) applied to gas pumps  to provide variable delivery.

 Using our  DVST can make existing technology viable without using complicated crank and connecting rods.

 Designs displayed below  have been developed by our design team to demonstrate how to convert existing units.

 When applied to gas compressors The Dynamically Variable Stroke Technology allows the compression volume to be varied while the pump is running.




Examples of typical designs for this application are :

The ball bearing DVST converter—applied to single cylinder gas compressors.

The choice of ball bearing and journal bearing DVST Converter- applied to multi-cylinder gas compressors.


Varying the volume of the gas pump allows sizing the pump to a minimum, and reducing the size of the pressure vessel to one just large enough to smooth out pulses from the compressor. Sizing saves energy and is economically advantageous.

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