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Our Mission

 Varitech Pty. Ltd. –  “Planet friendly technology”

An International company based in South Australia 

Varitech Pty. Ltd. is a company formed to sell/promote our Engineering Concept Design

to a world market.

To advance and develop engineering designs to embrace existing technologies..

–Our reactive stroke technology is unique and makes design of

HCCI (True Compression ignition engines)  technology possible.

Our latest IP is Dynamically Variable Stroke Technology which will reduce the world pollution, energy usage, greenhouse gases and will help to advance many technologies being investigated by designers around the world.

Our focus is on Designs which :

1. Reduce greenhouse gases, global warming and pollution.

2. Are fuel efficient

3. Improve quality – economy

Our Mission is to:

Sell rights around the world.

2. Produce concept design for applications.

3. Promote the development of future concepts.

4. Assist others with our in house knowledge.

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