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Contact Varitech Pty.Ltd. :

 Managing Director : Ray O Donnell   (Direct line)

    Ph   +61 8 8555 5191     08 8555  5191 (aust)

    Mob  +61 409 695 240       0409 695 240(aust)

   email :

The company was set up for the following  additional structure:

  1.  Research and development – a knowledge of Planet Friendly approach  to research and development of Technology

  2.  Designing – Our design section has experience and skills to cover all aspects of engineering design

  3. Illustrating – Produces illustrations, animations, and videos.

  4. Intellectual Property Development – prototype building and testing

  5. Intellectual Property submission and support – Attorney with branches throughout the world

  6. Costing – Cost assessments  prepared and made.

  7. Social networking – trained in all aspects of internet social marketing

  8. Legal contracts – Access to legal consultants

  9. Sales – principals of sale of rights to IP

    Comments or questions are welcome.


Varitech invites all customers To purchase rights to the various applications of Intellectual Property (IP) available. or to order a design for either : Illustrations, sketches, conceptual designs, assembly drawings,  manufacturing concept drawings,  3D solid modelling or animation in 2D and 3D

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