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 Managing Director : Ray O Donnell   (Direct line)

    Ph   +61 8 8555 5191     08 8555  5191 (aust)

    Mob  +61 409 695 240       0409 695 240(aust)

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The company was set up for the following  additional structure:

  1.  Research and development – a knowledge of Planet Friendly approach  to research and development of Technology

  2.  Designing – Our design section has experience and skills to cover all aspects of engineering design

  3. Illustrating – Produces illustrations, animations, and videos.

  4. Intellectual Property Development – prototype building and testing

  5. Intellectual Property submission and support – Attorney with branches throughout the world

  6. Costing – Cost assessments  prepared and made.

  7. Social networking – trained in all aspects of internet social marketing

  8. Legal contracts – Access to legal consultants

  9. Sales – principals of sale of rights to IP


Varitech invites all customers To purchase rights to the various applications of Intellectual Property (IP) available. or to order a design for either : Illustrations, sketches, conceptual designs, assembly drawings,  manufacturing concept drawings,  3D solid modelling or animation in 2D and 3D