Hydraulic Pumps

 The “Constant Pressure Variable Delivery” Hydraulic Pump

   An application for the Varitech Pty.Ltd. “Rotalinear converter”

miniature 3dhydraulic pump5

 Dynamically Variable stroke Technology used to vary the output volume of a hydraulic pump and automatically control the pressure to a preset value.

Offers a compact single unit without additional pressure controllers.

For use in applications where swash plate design pumps could be used – a simpler, cheaper, less maintenance option.  Only two finely machined wearing components- piston and cylinder assembly – bearings are standard catalogue items

A complete range of Hydraulic pumps is designed and can be made available for wholesale and retail sales from our Variproducts wing of the company.

A complete set of NC designs is available for wholesalers who would keep only small quantities in stock but be able to get local NC machine shops to supply overnight.

Not requiring large amount of stock on shelves to cover a very large range of variable delivery constant pressure pumps both hydraulic and pneumatic and also small engines. Many parts are common to both types of pump and small engines.